Thursday, May 31, 2012

How To Hack Facebook Account

Not even Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook is always secure. To tons of people all over the world, this is bad news. Unfortunately, being the top social network site, it is very unlikely that Facebook will not come to face off with online crooks and hackers. Not to mention other atypical spies that may consist of a person's wife, ex boyfriend, or other interested parties.
The most often method used in scamming hack Facebook accounts is phishing. Here, people are cajoled into entering their password or other critical data or information details into a fabricated Facebook login page found in the so-called phishing website. This bogus Facebook login page is typically made of an uploaded scamming code, which does not only imitate the appearance of the Facebook login site but also allows the scammer to save the supplied user's details as plain text, and thereafter permits the scammer to access the Facebook account. The Facebook patrons are then warned against signing into their FB accounts outside the official website that is facebook dot com. To be sure, one must only connect to Facebook directly through the aforementioned official site.
A third Facebook scamming method is key logging. This involves the installation of a keylogger program, which allows all keystrokes to be recorded in a log file and to be sent directly to a specific location. Keylogging is even easier when the hacker has direct accessibility to the victim's computer. Thus, all must be careful in using shared computers as well as in leaving personal computers and laptops unsecured.
A fourth Facebook scamming method is asking for the info, which simply involves getting or asking for the password or its security question directly from the customer. This is commonly achieved when the parties involved or their intermediaries are acquaintances.

Finally, there is the primary email address fraud attempt. Hack Facebook account hacking may be done once a person's login email account has already been accessed. Here, the hacker can easily select "Forgot Password", and can retrieve the same from the previously hacked login details.
What aggravates the FB hacking issue is that there are now downloadable FB hacking walk through's and Facebook scamming-to's that have been spreading via the web and which are freely and readily made accessible to anyone. The real info here is that all should always be vigilant about the security of their account information particularly the login info as well as in accessing only the secured, legitimate websites.

Monday, May 21, 2012

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